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In December 2011 it will be 5 years ago that we returned home safely from our Africa crossing in 2006. Since that moment we never updated our web site and for that we apologise. So let us bring you up to date.

Our 1976 Series III Land Rover - Wa Bashasha - we sold to a young Dutch couple. They are taking care of her in a fantastic manner and last year (2010) drove her back to Africa for an extended holiday. For 3 years we made do with our Land Rover Discovery but early 2010 we extended the car park again with a Series: a 6 cylinder Series III from 1979 with only 10.000 miles on the clock. We named her Wa Bashasha II and in the course of 2011 she may well end up in Namibia.

Africa, naturally, is never out of our mind and in 2010 we long last decided to have a house constructed in Namibia. Villa Kiara, as our grandchildren decided to name it, is situated along the shore of Lake Oanob in Central Namibia and can be rented for any period when we are not in Namibia. Shortly we will place a brochure on this web site. Come and see yourself how one of the most beautiful places in the world looks like.

Villa Kiara on the shore of Lake Oanob, Central Namibia, with a living room, diner, kitchen and study corner. Books on Namibia and its flora and fauna are present. One large master bedroom with bathroom and two smaller bedrooms with a bathroom each make the house ideal for families with kids. The huge terrace and cosy barbeque area are built on poles and overlook the lake. There is a direct and private access to the water for fishing, swimming and boating.

Paul’s book on our Africa crossing was published in fall 2010 by Free Musketeers Publishers in the Netherlands.

Originally intended for family use it is, unfortunately for our English reading friends, written in Dutch. ISBN: 978-90-484-1477-2. Or order with, or any other internet bookshops. The loyalties will all be used for our Mbande Clinic Project in Tanzania.

As most of you know, we started our working lives with Sena Sugar Estates in Mozambique and Paul is now working on a book about Sena Sugar Estates: Bitter Sweetness: Rise and Demise of the Hornung Sugar Empire in the Zambezi Delta (1888-1988). Additional information will be placed on our web site shortly.

Take care all of you, wherever you are!

Paul and Meta Lapperre

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Last update: March 5th 2011


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