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So far, we received contributions from more than 50 individuals (some of them on a monthly basis) and 7 companies and organisations. We are very grateful to all who contributed so generously!

In December 2005 we applied for a contribution to the National Committee for International Collaboration and Sustainable Development (Nationale Commissie voor Internationale Samenwerking en Duurzame Ontwikkeling NCDO). They have a programme called Programme Small Scale Local Activities (Programma Kleinschalige Plaatselijke Activiteiten KPA). In this programme the NCDO offers the possibility to double the funds raised for a specific project. Late February we received the good news that the NCDO had approved the Mbande Village Clinic Project and was willing to double the funds raised to a maximum of a NCDO contribution of 20.000 Euros. So let us see that we indeed raise the 20.000 Euros we planned before so that the eventual budget will be 40.000 Euros!

Click for larger imagePrimary (Nuts)school de Zevensprong in Best - The Netherlands
Since the 10th of April pupils of the primary school the Zevensprong in Best are collecting empty bottles for the Mbande Village Clinic Project. The deposit money will be donated to the Mbande Clinic Project. In a two day session for all classes, Paul and Meta told the pupils about the project in Africa.

Lead Lecture on the Alumni-day - Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)
On Friday the 21st of April Paul gave a lecture on Globalisation at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Almost a hundred graduates attended the lecture and discussed with Paul on the consequences of Globalisation and the impact of globalisation on less-developed countries.

Selling Easter Bouquets in Veldhoven - The Netherlands
Around Easter time Jolanda Nuytens has (again) created many bouquets, all made of “natural products”. The revenue of this activity is donated to the project.

Chrismas BouquetSelling Christmas Bouquets in Veldhoven - The Netherlands
Jolanda Nuytens-Kouwenberg and her relatives create and sell Christmas bouquets: the revenue of this activity is donated to the project. We sincerly thank the Nuytens and Kouwenberg families and especially Jolanda for their very enthousiastic and sympatic initiative! See the pictures on the seperate page.

PC Zijlwijk Primary school in Leiden - The Netherlands
At the PC Zijlwijk primary school in Leiden annualy a Christmas money collection is held. This year the school has selected the Mbande Clinic Project as their primairy target for the collection. Important for the school is to involve the children in these activities and make them aware of the world arround them. This is why Paul and Meta drove with Wa Bashasha to Leiden and visited the school. During that day Paul and Meta paid each class a visit and talked about the journey, Africa, the clinic and the objectives of the sponsor program. See the pictures on the seperate page.

Local Cable TV information service - Holland Centraal
Jaap Bol came up with the idea to submit the photos of the school visit to the local cabel TV information service. For 48 hours the slide show was shown at the cable television in Leiden and the surrounding area. The fee is donated to the Mbande Project.

Africa Drink organized by student association INTERMATE of the Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)
On February the 2 nd members of the student association INTERMATE of the Eindhoven University of Technology (NL) turned the “boarding school” into a jungle.

Cursor Article - Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)
In march 2006 the Cursor, the weekly of the Technical University of Eindhoven, has published a leading article on the “ problems of development aid over the last decennia”, the African Tour and the Mbande Village Clinic Project. This article was the result of an extensive interview on these subjects with Paul.
Click here to read the article in Cursor no 26 of 30 March 2006.

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